LIMIT ONE Foiled Oops Grab Bag Bundle of 5

$50.00 USD $60.00

LIMIT ONE Bundle of 5 Oops Bags

Oops! These stickers aren't quite perfect, but they still need a home. You will receive about 20 sheets per bag. Imperfections include but are not limited to:

  • Off center cuts
  • Too deep cuts
  • Foil imperfections (small black specs)
  • Wrong foil color
  • Extras from $2 Tuesdays - no imperfections, but just leftovers!

The majority of the stickers are perfectly usable, just not all perfect. Please do not order if this will bother you. 

If you order multiples, we will try to grab from different sections to get a variety, but cannot guarantee no duplicates. Please keep this in mind if you plan to order more than one. The more bags you order, the higher chance of duplicates.

This is a perfect way to expand your foil collection at a great price! 

We do not accept requests. No refunds or returns are permitted.