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$5.00 USD $20.00


Select your theme AND your foil with our Oops + Overstock Foiled Tuesday Bags. 

While there is no limit, it is highly probable that you will receive duplicates if you order more than one bag. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

These bags can have any sheet from this collection. You will receive 10 sheets from the collection in your choice of foil. 

Both clear and transparent paper options may be mixed in the bags. 

Imperfections include but are not limited to:

  • Off center cuts
  • Too deep cuts
  • Foil imperfections (small black specs)
  • Overstock from $2 Tuesdays - no imperfections, but just leftovers!

The majority of the stickers are perfectly usable, just not all perfect. Please do not order if this will bother you. 

No refunds, exchanges, or requests will be accommodated for this listing.